Palazzo di Varignana

A wonderful journey through flavors, fragrances, and emotions with ancient roots and an authentic Italian heart.


Arising from the passion for beauty, Palazzo di Varignana is a place where nature, well-being, cuisine, and emotions come together to give a new meaning to the concept of hospitality.

Bars & Restaurants

Health & Wellness

At Palazzo di Varignana, a vacation turns into an opportunity to discover new lifestyles for those who want to get (back) in shape, find their inner balance, reduce stress, and increase their energy levels for full harmony between body, mind, and soul.

Agricultural Estate

Founded in 2015, our agricultural estate stretches today over 500 hectares of land. Thanks to the restoration of the ancient varieties of native olive trees, extending for 200 hectares, we are proud to produce one of the most awarded and recognized extra virgin olive oil in the world.

Varignana Journal

Varignana Journal