Treno Reale

A journey through history to discover the glamour of a golden age, the iconic Twenties


The authentic vintage coach, dating back to 1921, the prototype of the royal train, after decades of neglect, has come back to life evoking its splendor and atmosphere, thanks to the philological study of architects, art historians and luxury trains of the time.

The Treno Reale - Carrozza Ristorante is now on display at Palazzo di Varignana and shows in an aesthetic gesture of great formal refinement and philological respect, the experience gained from the "Saloni di Stato" carriages of the Italian "Royal Trains" made between 1921 and 1940, and from the great European luxury trains made by the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits.

It is a gesture of will that witnesses a piece of the century and manifests the search for value, originality, and expression necessary to perpetuate the testimony of a vanished era.

The Treno Reale - Carrozza Ristorante intends to "tell" an extraordinary story of international connections in a world that was becoming more connected than ever before, a time when Italy was opening up to the world, replacing long journeys by horse-drawn carriage with rapid ones, made with puffing steam locomotives and carriages furnished with velvet, brass and precious woods.

Restoring it to its original beauty to become the symbol of an era was the beginning of a philological recovery project involving historians, architects, stage designers and scholars of royal carriages of the period. The hands of expert craftsmen and the artistic pictorial and gold leaf decoration by Giovanni Bressana did the rest.


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