The vegetable garden

On the southwest side of the Rio Rosso farm, a network of rural paths crosses the almond grove which houses two late varieties (Prunus Dulcis Soleta and Lauranne) and a slender spindle trained implantation of Goji (Lycium barbarum). To the east, a centuries-old olive tree surmounts the terraces for the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal herbs. At the foot of the slope, two paths branch off that allow visitors to observe unusual fruit species (Pawpaw, Barbary Fig, Panachè Fig, Redlove Apple), espaliers of table grapes, and many varieties of forgotten fruits such as the Jujubes, Prunus Mume plums and ancient varieties of apples and pears (some dating back to the 18th century such as the "Curato" pear from 1760).

A collection of minor fruits, an elder grove, and a hazelnut grove can be found in the last arable areas before the uncontaminated woodland typical of our hills begins.


Palazzo di Varignana

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