Anfiteatro sul lago

Anfiteatro sul Lago is a natural stage set among the wineyards of Agrivar, Palazzo di Varignan’s agricoltural estate, a splendid example of land redevelopment, the result of an ambitious naturalistic engineering project.

The Anfiteatro, in its semicircular classical structure, features five stairscase in sandstone from the tosco-emiliano Appennines, with wide seats that can gather more than 250 people.

During the summer season, the Anfiteatro become the perfect place for impressive en plein air concerts and events, where it is possible to taste the fine wines produced in the 35 hectares of vineyards surrounding it or the fine oils extracted from the olive trees grown on the hills not far away.

The landscape is enchanting from the Anfiteatro, especially on fall, when the vines rows light up with warm tone colors, ranging from the yellow of the Chardonnay, to the Sangiovese red, to the orange, through all the many shades of Malbo Gentile.

A path starts from the Anfiteatro centre, leads to the lake below and continues to the winery, the beating heart of the entire estate. Several other paths run through the vineyards, including a particularly fascinating path, designed among hundred-year-old oaks and some newly planted cypresses.


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