Oenological Project

The story of the Agrivar winery's oenological project in Palazzo di Varignana took its first steps in 2016 with the planting of some native and other international vines for an initial production of four types of wine, white wine and red wine: Villa Amagioia Blanc de Noirs Metodo Classico Brut, Chardonnay Colli di Imola, Sangiovese Superiore Doc and Pinot Nero.

The contamination of native and international vines generates an extraordinary value to our vines and wines. The population of such diverse vines dedicated in distinct plots generates our Valley of Miracles. The microclimatic conditions, the Mediterranean influences offset by a continental terrain, the north-south orientation of the valley and the east-west orientation of the vines are the perfect combination to give sun and warmth to the vineyards and to generate excellent wines.

The mission of Agrivar di Palazzo di Varignana is to produce quality Italian wines that convey the strength, identity and characteristics of the Italian territory. The estate and the cellar from which the wines are sourced are located on the very special Varignana hills, a few kilometres from Bologna, delivering characteristic aromas, flavours and nuances.

For production, we make use of the most modern technologies, so as to guarantee the preservation of the genuineness and organoleptic properties of the wines. The barrique cellar, under its imposing red brick vaults, houses the French oak barrels in which the young wines rest and refine in order to reach the right degree of maturity and become the best expression of the terroir and the vines that generated it.

All these particularities: a reasoned and non-fractionated supply chain, multi-ethnicity, the uniqueness of the soils and state-of-the-art technology represent the distinctive requirements that make the Agrivar winery and the work of the people who transform the product excellent, because making wine is a cultural approach.


Palazzo di Varignana

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