Palazzo di Varignana

Resort policy

We are pleased to welcome you to PALAZZO DI VARIGNANA and we invite you to review our Guidelines.

1) Nature of these guidelines - General indications

1.1 The Guidelines of the “Palazzo di Varignana” Resort - from now on also called “Hotel” - are aimed at guaranteeing that guests have a pleasant stay and a disciplined fruition of internal and external spaces and of the equipment they include. The Guidelines are of a contractual nature between “Palazzo di Varignana” and the guest and, therefore, any request to stay and related check-in by the Hotel implies full acceptance of these Guidelines.

1.2 All guests must observe the Guidelines of the “Hotel”, that can be consulted at the Reception desk and is published at the following website

1.3 In case of violation of these Guidelines, the Hotel reserves the right to proceed with an immediate termination of the contract and removal from the “Hotel”. In such case, Palazzo di Varignana Management may legitimately withhold any amount that has already been paid and demand any residual payments, even as compensation for damages, without prejudice to the right to claim for greater damages.

1.4 Guests must diligently respect all instructions given by the signage present in the internal and/or external areas that are property or within the scope of the “Hotel”.

1.5 Any parents (or the person legally exercising parental authority) are solidly responsible for the actions of their minor children within the “Hotel” and must supervise them and make sure that they maintain a suitable behaviour, with particular reference to respecting noise limitations and correctly using all equipment and services made available by the “Hotel”.

1.6 At any time and for any reason, guests may contact Reception by dialling 9 from the telephones present in the rooms or by calling +39 051 19938300 from their own devices.

2) Warnings, rules and prohibitions

2.1 Smoking is prohibited in all rooms of the Resort, there are no rooms available where it is possible to smoke. Smoking is only allowed in the external areas of the Hotel, including the external areas of bars and restaurants. 

2.2 Within all rooms of the “Hotel” and in all areas within the scope of the Resort it is absolutely prohibited to:

- enter with weapons, knives, clubs or similar blunt objects;

- enter with any type of explosive substance,

- posses or use any type of narcotic substance;

- throw or abandon any papers and/or waste of any kind outside of the specific waste baskets;

- enter areas that are reserved to Hotel personnel, identified by specific STAFF ONLY signage;

- pick flowers or fruits or damage lawns or plants or the horticultural property and the “Hotel” grounds in any way;

- burn or light candles in the rooms, hallways and in other rooms unless specifically authorised by Management;

- light any burner inside the room;

- use equipment with an open flame in any area of the Hotel, no matter what fuel is used (burners, heaters, lamps, etc.);

- drive a vehicle authorised to enter the premises at a speed exceeding 10 Km per hour.

- circulate with any type of vehicle, unless authorised, within pathways and pedestrian areas.

2.3 Beginning from 10 PM and up to 7 AM and from 2 PM to 4 PM, the noise level must be moderate in all “Hotel” rooms, as well as maintaining silence in hallways, stairways and in common areas in order to allow others to rest.

3) Treatment of personal data and video surveillance

3.1 Pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 30.06.2003 n. 196, all personal data of our guests shall be treated both using computer systems as well as manually, in order to carry out fiscal and legal obligations and provide the requested service.

3.2 If the Guest has given specific consent to use, the personal data shall also be used to inform about future promotions and offers, while completely following Privacy regulations.

3.3 The “Hotel” is equipped with a video surveillance system used for safety reasons and to safeguard people and company property. The images are recorded and kept for a maximum period of 72 hours. The recordings shall be kept for a longer period only in exceptional cases and, in any case, as related to the event where something illegal has occurred or an investigation by Judicial Authorities or the Police has begun. It is strictly prohibited for others to access the images, with the exception being in case of judicial or police investigation. The recordings shall not otherwise be communicated or shared.

4) Bookings, variation and cancellation policy

4.1 Direct bookings for the “Hotel” may be done via web using dedicated sites and portals, via e-mail or by phone.

4.2 Upon confirming the reservation, the person making the booking shall provide credit card information as a guarantee that is verified by the “Hotel” through a pre-authorisation of  the amount equivalent to the entire stay plus a 20% surcharge on the total to cover additional extras. In the case that, at the time of check-out, you have not reached the total pre-authorized amount or you decide to proceed with alternative payment method, we will process the re-credit of the amount that will become available again depending on the banking institution. The reservation is also considered valid with a bank transfer down payment, if this has been previously agreed upon, as long as it specifies the dates of the stay and information about the person making the reservation.

4.3 The room rate includes daily room cleaning (during the predetermined time for this service), buffet breakfast, Wi-Fi service, free car park, potential entry into Varsana Spa if this is foreseen as part of the rate, as well as any other services that are listed as part of the offer.

4.4 The room rate does not include any extra cleaning, drinks and snacks from the minibar or at the Hotel Bar, drinks at the restaurants, unless they are included in the offer, as well as rentals and use of equipment, and everything that is not expressly included in the offer.

4.5 To cancel or modify the reservation beyond the timeframe specifically included in the offer, in other words, in case of no-show, the “Hotel” reserves the right to charge the entire rate of the booked stay.

4.6 A refund is not usually foreseen if one is unable to complete the stay during the period of the reservation, due to issues with transportation, errors or other personal reasons as well as modifications such as early departure or delayed arrival. The reserved stay shall be charged in its entirety, unless a different agreement has been reached with Management.

5) Arrival / Check-in

5.1 Room check-in is expected beginning at 2 PM (GMT+1) of the arrival date and is guaranteed without any time limitation, subject to communicating the late check-in beforehand. It is recommended to previously agree upon arrival time; the magnetic key card is given after the check-in procedure. If the room is ready before check-in time, this will be assigned immediately, otherwise it will always be possible to leave your luggage in the deposit at reception.

5.2. Upon arrival, guests must have a valid ID (passport or ID card), including for minors, otherwise the “Hotel” is authorised to refuse hospitality.

5.3. The minimum age required to rent a room is the legal age, minors unaccompanied by a person of legal age shall only be accepted if they have a waiver from their parents (or the person legally exercising parental authority), that includes the phone number they can be reached at and a copy of their valid ID (passport or ID card).

5.4 Any guests of customers staying in the “Hotel”, even if temporary, must be promptly communicated to the Reception, where they must come having a valid ID (passport or ID card). Their presence within the Resort must always be authorised by Management.

5.5 Each room can be occupied exclusively by the number of people displayed for that specific room, unless the Guest has requested to add another bed. The names of all occupants must be provided to Reception.

5.6 Assignment of the room, within the reserved type and category, is completely at the discretion of the “Hotel”, unless there are different explicit written agreements. Where possible, from an organisational point of view and according to availability, free upgrades shall be given at the time of assignment, completely at the discretion of the “Hotel”.

5.7 Parking spaces for cars are not guaranteed, unless there is a written agreement to the contrary, there are however large uncovered and covered parking areas located in different areas of the “Hotel” and available to guests for free.

5.8 Any damages, disruptions and/or malfunctions that are identified when taking possession of the room, must be promptly communicated to Reception. In case of damages that are found subsequently and not promptly communicated, these may be charged to the Guest.

6) Departure / Check-out

6.1 The rooms must be vacated by 11 AM (GMT+1) of the departure date, unless a different agreement was made with the Booking Office or with Reception. Unauthorised extensions beyond that time shall be considered as an extension of the stay with related charge.

6.2 After 11:30 AM of the departure date and without an agreed upon late check-out, the total cost of the room for an entire day shall be charged.

6.3 In case of early departure compared to the booked stay, the Guest must pay the entire amount agreed upon at the time of booking.

6.4 Upon departure the guest must return the magnetic room key card, as well as any other key cards or equipment that was temporarily provided by the “Hotel”. If the magnetic key card is not returned, there will be a €5.00 charge.

6.6. On the departure date is it possible to leave your luggage for safekeeping at Reception.

7) During the stay

7.1 Throughout the period of the stay the room shall always be available to the Guest with the exception of the time required for daily cleaning. If room service is not desired, it is possible to make the selection and place the specific tag on the door and room service can be requested at a later time, within and not after 5 PM.

7.2 If the Guest does not desire to take advantage of the daily room cleaning service during his stay, it is possible to inform the “Hotel” when booking or upon arrival. Any suspension of daily room cleaning service may be requested by the Guest, even during the stay.

7.3 If it were to be necessary for “Hotel” personnel to access an occupied room, besides for routine cleaning access, for maintenance or other reasons, the “Hotel” shall inform guests about the need of any such access.

7.4 Waste must be collected in the specific waste baskets placed in the rooms and in their bathrooms. It is not allowed to leave waste or similar in the internal and external common areas of the “Hotel”, unless using the specific containers.

7.5 It is recommended to correctly use the toilets inside the rooms, avoiding to throw anything away in the toilet, as well as adopting a behaviour that avoids energy waste as much as possible.

7.6 Upon request it is possible to have daily linen change. As far as bathroom linen, according to the environmental safeguard policy of the “Hotel”, any clean and untouched items that have not been positioned on the ground by the Guests, will not be replaced daily. 

7.7 If the Guest damages the furniture, furnishings or equipment during his stay, it is necessary to promptly inform the Reception. These damages shall be properly evaluated in order to guarantee related reimbursement, even using credit card information provided by the Guest during booking and/or upon arrival.

7.8 The “Hotel” declines any liability related to loss, theft and/or damage of the Guest’s objects and personal belongings that are left unattended in the rooms. Within the wardrobes of the rooms there are safes available, other safety boxes are also available at Reception if needed.

7.9 The “Hotel” declines any liability for any injury to minors that may have occurred during the stay; these must always be accompanied and supervised by their parents and/or those responsible for them.

7.10 The “Hotel” is not responsible for any disruption due to total or partial shortage of supplies such as electrical power, water, gas, phone line or internet connection, that are not under their own control.

7.10 The Guest must notify and deliver any object that is not his property, which may have been found within the “Hotel” and/or areas that fall within its scope. In the same manner, in case personal belonging are lost, the Guest must promptly inform Reception, in order to activate the correct Lost and Found procedure that is aimed at favouring the recovery.

7.11 Throughout the stay, every day excluding holidays, it is possible to take advantage of a pay Dry-cleaning service, details and terms of this service are included on the specific forms found inside of the room wardrobes, along with the linen bag. The “Hotel” is not responsible for any damage or breakage to clothing treated as part of this service.

7.12 During the stay it is possible to request to have an ironing and/or hot water boiler and/or baby crib in the room, for free and based on availability, subject to agreement made at the time of reservation, or at any time by contacting Reception. It is mandatory to return the above mentioned equipment after use or upon departure, signalling any potential damages that have not been caused by the Guest, in order to avoid any related charges.

8) Stay balance

8.1 The balance of the stay must be paid before Guest departure.

8.2 The guarantee provided by way of credit card through pre-authorisation shall remain valid throughout the entire duration of the stay and will be cancelled after departure subject to room verification, regularity of the stay, as well as payment for any extras and the main conditions of the Guidelines, with possible charge in case of damages, theft, or extras not paid during check-out and/or early departure.

8.3. The pre-authorisation shall be automatically released as per current banking regulations, the “Hotel” is not responsible for any sums that remain blocked as guarantee once the pre-authorisation has been regularly closed.

8.3 Before paying the balance on the account, it is possible to request the bill in order to properly verify the charges, any errors or omissions must be pointed out before the final bill is issued.

8.4 In case an invoice is required, the Guest must point this out in a timely manner by providing header data, address, Tax Code/VAT number, recipient code/PEC. Otherwise, a tax receipt will be issued and it will no longer be possible to cancel it.

8.5. It is possible to pay for the stay, meals or services provided in cash, up to a maximum amount of 999.00 Euro (unless otherwise changed by current regulations related to cash payments) or using credit and debit card. The “Hotel” does not accept personal or bank cheques.

8.6 Any drinks or snacks purchased from the bar or minibar, and any other extras that may not have been yet recorded by “Hotel” personnel must be communicated to Reception at the time of check-out.

8.7 Any persons that are staying in the same room, but have not been declared at the time the reservation or upon arrival, will be charged to the Guest that made the reservation, with a rate that is increased by 50% compared to the daily rate, with management having the power to report any authorised people found inside the room to the Public Safety Authorities.

8.8 The guests will answer for and are called to pay for damages and/or shortcomings caused by them or people under their responsibility to the “Hotel”. Also in case of furnishings, linens, gadgets that are missing from the assigned room, the “Hotel” shall charge the corresponding value to the Guest.

9) Pets

Palazzo di Varignana is delighted to accept pets in compliance with the reference law, the 281/1991 ("Framework law on pets and the prevention of stray dogs") which follows the article 83, letter d) of the Decree of the President of the Republic February 8, 1954 n.320.

For the respect of the other guests and for the common hygiene rules, we ask the owners to guarantee compliance with the rules listed below:

9.1 Pets are welcome at Palazzo di Varignana or at one of our villas upon notice along with the booking confirmation;

9.2 Small and medium sized dogs are admitted and must not exceed 15 kg (guide dogs and therapeutic animals are excluded from this rule as long as they are accompanied by medical certification proving the therapeutic need);

9.3 The cost of the pet's stay is 30.00 euros per night given to ensure more room cleaning and with adequate detergents and sanitizers;

9.4 In the common areas of the resort, pets must be kept on a leash or in a cage;

9.5 It is not allowed to bring pets into the areas designated for our swimming pools and solariums;

9.6 It is not allowed to bring pets to our restaurants and/or bars indoor areas;

9.7 Each room is allowed to have a maximum of one pet;

9.8 The customer must be adequately equipped for the well-being of his pet, including pet carriers and travel kennels;

9.9 The customer must inquire at the reception, which is the place appointed for pet’s needs (in any case never inside the rooms or common areas);

9.10 It is absolutely forbidden to let the animal get on beds, armchairs, chairs, tables, etc.;

9.11 Pets must not be left unattended in the rooms except for short periods of time. The barking of dogs or the meowing of cats can disturb other guests;

9.12 If the animals disturb other guests of the resort with their behavior the management is entlited to ask to be kept away for as long as it disturb;

9.13 For the sake of your pet's safety and comfort, the maid will not clean the room if your pet is left unattended. If you are present while the maid is in your room, your pet must be on a leash or in a cage. The reception is available to agree on the most appropriate time for room cleaning;

9.14 Pet owners accept and assume full civil and penal responsibility for damages that may arise from their pets to things or people.

10) WI-FI

All internal areas of the “Hotel” are covered by free Wi-Fi service, with the password that is available from Reception.

11) Hours of services

11.1. The Guest must follow the posted schedule in order to better take advantage of services available within the “Hotel”. Any variation in the schedule and availability of these services will be promptly communicated at the time of booking and/or throughout the stay.

11.2 The “Hotel” does not have to provide services outside of those times nor refund for services that have not been used due to customer negligence or delay, including breakfast and the main meals.

11.3 unless otherwise displayed and/or individually agreed upon, services are provided according to the following times:


Opening hours       H 24

Aurevo Pool Restaurant

Breakfast 7 AM – 10.30 AM

Lunch 12.30 PM – 14.30 PM

Dinner    7 PM – 10.30 PM

Lounge Bar

Opening hours       9 AM – Midnight

Palazzo di Varignana Food Shop 

Opening hours       9 AM – Midnight

Pool Bar

SUMMER hours 11 AM – 7 PM

WINTER hours (only SAT, SUN  and holidays)          Noon – 7 PM

Trattoria Le Marzoline

Lunch (only SAT, SUN)          12.30 PM – 2.30 PM

Dinner    7 PM – 10.30 PM


Opening hours         9 AM – Midnight

Varsana SPA

SPA Opening hours 9 AM – 9 PM

BOOTHS Opening hours       9 AM – 8 PM


Opening hours       H 24

12) Electrical equipment

12.1 The “Hotel” has 220 Volt AC power, the Guest should check that equipment is suitable for this type of current.

12.2 The electrical sockets are the Italian type, the Guest must equip himself of any adaptors if his electrical equipment has different types of plugs.

12.3 The “Hotel” is not liable for any damages to equipment due to force majeure (sudden blackout, voltage fluctuations, etc.).

13) Varsana spa, pools and sport activities

13.1 The use of both the indoor and outdoor pools, as well as the Gym and the indoor and outdoor sports equipment, as well as entry to VARSANA SPA, are regulated by specific Guidelines available to all guests at the Varsana SPA Reception and can be consulted directly on the website

13.2 Guest may contact the Varsana SPA Reception by dialling 8310 from the telephones present in the rooms/residences or by calling +39 051 19938310 from their own devices.

14) Meals, hygiene and safety

15.1 For hygiene and safety reasons, it is not allowed to autonomously prepare meals within “Hotel” rooms, unless suitably equipped for such preparations.

15.2 “Hotel” guests are not allowed to eat meals from other restaurants, located outside of the Palazzo di Varignana Resort and not related to it, inside their rooms.

15.3 Access inside “Hotel” restaurants such as Aurevo Pool Restaurant, Lounge Bar and Le Marzoline Trattoria is only allowed when wearing suitable clothing, entering wearing a bathrobe or swimming costume is not allowed.

15.4 Guests may eat breakfast or lunch within the external area of Aurevo Pool Restaurant wearing a bathrobe; in the same way it is possible to wear a swimming costume or bathrobe at the Pool Bar.

15.5 All meals are to be taken Buffet style and eaten in the “Hotel” Restaurants, it is not allowed to take any food from the Buffet to eat it elsewhere, unless a previous request was made to Restaurant staff.

15.6 Room Service is open daily from 7 AM to10 PM for all “Hotel” rooms, except where otherwise specified.

15) Responsability

16.1 The “Hotel” is not liable for any guest objects and/or valuables lost if they do not properly take care of them.

16.2 The “Hotel” is not responsible for any damage as a result of force majeure or natural events (weather events, natural disasters, epidemics, illness, fallen trees or branches or products due to weather events, strong winds, automobile damages or thefts in the parking area and in the Hotel area). Upon departure, discounts will not be given to cover any potential or alleged disruptions that may take place as a result of the events described above.

16) Safety and emergency management

17.1 If needed, the “Hotel” is equipped with First Aid medical kits, which are also available from the lifeguards.

17.2 The Guest may request support from “Hotel” personnel, who may, as the case may be, if asked by the Guest, request medical treatment from a physician practicing in agreement with the NHS, or provide instructions to reach the medical facility that is best suitable for the situation where the person may go on his own, using his own vehicle or a taxi. A call to 118 (Emergency Medical Services) is subject to specific request by Guest or a directly involved person.