Adopt an olive tree

Agrivar has launched an agronomic land redevelopment project that involves planting more than 160.000 olive trees on over 200 hectares of land. This long-term project intends to bring ancient olive tree varieties back to where they used to thrive in the past centuries. Planting a tree is an act of love towards the future, as it relies on man's ability to love the earth, take care of it, and reap its fruits. It is a long-sighted project and the results will be evident in the far future. Our longing for nature is supported by the skills of agronomists, botanists, and olive growing experts.

Not only does the "Adopt an Olive Tree" project intend to create the conditions for improving the landscape, but also offers the possibility of sharing the responsibility of an ethical choice. So that nature, beauty, sustainability, human labor, and the love for olive oil will continue to grow together.

Choose the name of your olive tree and email us to proceed with the adoption.

Adoption of 1 olive tree: €80 - 1 3lt bag-in- tube of our extra virgin olive oil

Adoption of 3 olive trees: €220 - 3 3lt bag-in-tube of our extra virgin olive oil

Adoption of 7 olive trees€520 - 7 3lt bag-in-tube of our extra virgin olive oil

What is included:

  • A 10% discount on purchases of new oil for the next 5 years
  • Special rates for the purchase of the limited editions of our monocultivars
  • A customized plate with the name of your olive tree

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