Santa Maria Maddalena 1366

At the top of the hill, Santa Maria Maddalena dominates the view above the splendid Anfiteatro sulla Vigna. This Villa oozes a particular historic charm, thanks to its medieval chapel recently restored.

The Villa counts five elegant double rooms on two floors, served by the open spaces on the ground floor, living rooms, dining room, bar  and large kitchen with the possibility of dining outdoors while enjoying a wonderful view towards the countryside.

The first bedroom with a private bathroom is located on the ground floor, while the remaining four double bedrooms are located on the first level, reachable by a large staircase and lift.

Two connecting rooms ensure the comfort required by families with children.

Each room offers a magical view of the landscape dotted with vineyards and during the summer offers splendid sunsets over the hills.

The furnishings are cured in every detail, characterized by a contemporary design although guided by tradition and the classic elegance of the lines, symmetries and sober handcrafted decorations. They are all designed specifically for the villa and made by the best Italian craftsmen. They are combined with the careful restoration work that the property has undergone.

During summer time, the infinity pool offers guests a quiet place to rest surrounded by 6.000 sqm of private park with a magical view of the Bolognese plains.

The parking is reserved and easily accessible from the main road by entering the fully fenced area of the garden to ensure safety and comfort.


The villa can be booked with two different formulas. The first includes a daily breakfast at the resort and a three-hours entrance to the traditional Varsana SPA path.
Alternatively, guests can choose to experience absolute privacy with the "Villa Only" formula.

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