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Private SPA

We have created an environment dedicated to the art of living well, where you can find personalized programs for harmonizing your emotions, pampering your body and spirit, indulging your senses, and discovering true wellness. We have selected ancient traditions of wellbeing to build two programs designed around your needs. Two rituals will lead you to discover the roots of the connection between body and mind:

The Hammam, to immerse yourself in the Arab culture's practice of body care for purifying it from the toxins of everyday life. A pursuit of harmony following Middle Eastern suggestions through perfumes, elements, and sounds. The application of products with olive oil will help you rediscover full-body presence and the perception of the senses.

The Ofuro will bring you to discover the Japanese approach to wellbeing. A treatment where the connection between mind and spirit shapes a new meaning of self-care. The traditional Japanese bath is a spiritual journey where absence becomes presence, emptiness is filled, time expands and you can find your roots in the ancient ritual of the tea ceremony, served on the tatami.

Two experiences, two journeys – through time and space – to treat yourself following the culture of the people who reached a wellness state through different rituals. We selected them to offer our guests new paths towards harmony and the pleasure of living.


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