Health & Wellness Retreats

Acquaviva Method

Palazzo di Varignana is the ideal place to spend a transformative, psycho-physical empowerment holiday, under the banner of inner harmony.

The resort offers several Health & Wellness Retreats that follow the wellness philosophy of the Acquaviva Method, conceived by Dr Annamaria Acquaviva, Scientific Director of Palazzo di Varignana.

Our Retreats are a real transformative journey of 3-7 or more nights to reach the maximum of one's psycho-physical wellbeing and shine with an unprecedented form of beauty.

In the Longevity menu, specially customised and designed for retreats, the protagonists are strategic food combinations of nutraceutical compounds capable of enhancing physical and mental performance and promoting beauty and well-being.

Dr. Acquaviva's inspirational and coaching role is the real added value of the retreats: guests are supported and guided along this path of change, to keep motivation high and live each moment with awareness and fulfilment.

Many well-being goals, one scientific method.

The Retreats

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