Ginkgo Longevity Restaurant

Science meets the art of cooking: a pleasure to be savoured with the 5 senses

Attention to personalised nutrition is one of the 5 Pillars of Health of the Acquaviva Method.

The new restaurant Ginkgo is the result of a work of integration and synthesis of all values revolving around the scientific method, which are brought to the table here through haute cuisine dishes with a unique taste.

The pleasure of taste, the benefit of food, the quality of raw materials and the pleasure of beauty have given rise to a restaurant with a unique concept: empowering cuisine at the service of well-being.

In the Longevity menu, designed by Dr. Annamaria Acquaviva, dietitian nutritionist and scientific director of the resort, the protagonists are food combinations of nutraceutical compounds that enhance physical and mental performance and promote beauty and well-being. The menu is anti-inflammatory, low-fodmap, free of gluten, dairy products and refined carbohydrates. Inspired by the Mediterranean diet and with a controlled glycaemic impact, it balances the intake of macronutrients and integrates antioxidant phytochemicals.

Sustainable choices are favoured, excellent products from our own farm, including the award-winning EVO oil, local and seasonal produce and edible flowers with a high index of functional components. Innovative cooking techniques ensure maximum bioavailability and nutritional potential of the food.

The Ginkgo tree, which decorates the ornamental garden of Villa Amagioia in the resort, is the plant that symbolises longevity. Its central location, and the elegant and refined design inspired by the concept of eden, encapsulate a meaning: to bring nature from outside into the heart of the resort.


Longevity Experiences Acquaviva Method

The scientific philosophy of wellness that distinguishes Palazzo di Varignana offers guests the luxury of experiencing activities whose benefits are validated by science. According to the Acquaviva Method, in fact, activities that promote psycho-physical well-being have been protocolized.


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