A new flavor full of history

Soon on our tables, the five new extra virgin olive oils of the highest quality, the result of the 2022/2023 olive oil campaign.

The year 2022 was characterized by a particularly complex olive harvest, due to the severe drought that accompanied the spring and summer months, proving to be unprecedented.

Despite this, the late summer rains rebalanced the crops, and in particular the olives, which ripened regularly, allowing the production of oils with optimal organoleptic characteristics and lively aromas.

The first cultivar to ripen was Nostrana di Brisighella, followed by Ghiacciola and Correggiolo.

The new production of the three monocultivars – Claterna, Vargnano and Stiffonte – and of the two blends – Blu and Verde – is an explosion of complex and aromatic flavors: products of excellence from a km0 integrated supply chain that tell a love story with nature.


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