VARSANA SPA: The booths and beauty treatments are available from 10am to 8pm, the outdoor pools and the indoor area of ​​the spa are open from 9am to 9pm, with the exception of the Turkish bath and the Hammam, as required by current government regulations.

The restaurants are available to both internal and external guests.

The building complexes at Palazzo di Varignana are spread out over an area of 30 hectares, while the farm estate covers more than 200 hectares. There is therefore plenty of space here, both outdoors and in the communal areas, guaranteeing social distancing as well as a comfortable stay in a beautiful setting.


The key word here is “outdoors”! Our wellbeing has always revolved around the land and how to make the most of it, and especially so this year. There is a schedule of fun activities, strictly for limited numbers and on reservation only, available to our guests: private courses in squash, tennis and paddle tennis, yoga classes, and walks in the olive groves and vineyards on our estates are just some of the things you can do here. For those who love the great outdoors, we can recommend some beautiful e-biking and Nordic walking trails. All the sports equipment we make available to our guests are sanitised with care after each use.


OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU includes clear sign-posting that allows our guests to move easily around the resort and provides useful information on how guests can make the most of their stay. We have decided to associate all safety information with the symbol of the olive leaf. This is a reference to the award-winning olive oil of the agri-food business of excellence with the brand of Palazzo di Varignana, but also to a rebirth of hospitality involving, now more than ever, renewed values and significant challenges.


The safety and wellbeing of our guests and coworkers continue to remain our utmost priority. After setting up a Safety Committee with members including medical practitioners and food and occupational safety experts, Palazzo di Varignana prepared a safety protocol for combating and limiting the spread of Covid-19 in accordance with the standards laid down by the government, in order to offer increasingly safe and attentive hospitality.

In the main common areas of the Resort, as in our restaurants and at the Reception, temperature detectors are available to customers and our staff, while a kit consisting of mask and sanitizing gel is distributed to the reception at all guests at the beginning of their stay.


In this context and to meet a specific need that has emerged from months confined to the home, we have prepared packages dedicated entirely to mental and physical wellbeing, so important in these times. We could not have done this, however, without the invaluable support of Dr Annamaria Acquaviva, a consultant Dietitian, Nutritionist and Pharmacist.

At Palazzo di Varignana, you can rediscover your perfect inner harmony and level of physical fitness with a complete package for getting back in shape; this includes functional nutrition, a customised programme of physical activity, and highly effective beauty treatments.


The special dishes offered as part of the programmes are based on the recommendations of Dr Annamaria Acquaviva and those of the creative chefs of Ristorante Aurevo, and are not only healthy but also look and taste absolutely delicious. 
The food is made with organic ingredients sourced from our 200-hectare farm adjoining the resort, including a particularly fine extra-virgin olive oil.


Children can attend tailor-made tennis courses, play and walk in the maze, take part in cookery lessons in areas where suitable distances can be maintained, and go either with small groups kept strictly apart or alone with a guide on tours at the discovery of plants and crops around our estates.


Dr Annamaria Acquaviva will give the children her top tips on healthy eating and help them to understand the importance of vegetables as part of a good lifestyle. The children’s outdoor play areas are demarcated and there is a sign at each one stating the maximum number of children allowed in the area at a time.


We have taken precautions to reduce contact during check-in and check-out operations.
In addition to “pre-check-in”, guests can ask to have their bill sent to them by e-mail and then use contactless payment. Moreover, in order to speed up the acceptance procedures, three days before your arrival you can perform the web check-in. 

The staff at Reception are always available to answer any questions also on the Covid-19 containment measures, and take precautions to avoid large gatherings and reduce waiting times in the reception area.


In order to guarantee the correct social distancing to all participants of meetings and corporate events, we have reduced the capacity of our congress center by 1/3.

We have also installed the latest generation temperature detectors and sanitizing gel columns in the main common areas of the resort, as well as in the restaurants and reception.



The rooms are all large and comfortable, and with a private patio, terrace or garden where you can enjoy some peace and tranquility. The directory and information material normally provided in the room have been replaced by digital content available to view on the TV screen. A welcome pack, with disposable items, is provided in the bathroom.


The cleaning procedures of the rooms, as well as those of the common areas, have been strengthened by scrupulously following the protocols issued by the Authorities. In addition to meticulous cleaning, with particular attention to all the touch items in the room, we proceed to an accurate sanitization with nebulization of quaternary ammonium salts, certified by a guarantee stamp affixed to the door. For further protection, however, the possibility of not having your room cleaned daily for the duration of your stay remains active. As usual, all bed linen and towels, as well as that used in our restaurants, are treated with chlorine, following a high temperature wash with antibacterial detergent and hydrogen peroxide and is ironed at 180 degrees.


Measures have been implemented to ensure the safety of our staff and guests in a careful, precise manner according to the laws in force; the staff at VARSANA SPA are always available to answer any questions you may have during your stay.
At the time of booking, you are required to complete and sign our disclaimer to avoid waiting times at the entrance to the VARSANA SPA.

The swimming pool facilities are kept clean and hygienic at all times, and the instruments used in the booth are sanitised in our autoclave.
Our therapists wear a protective shield, gloves and certified mask during treatments and make sure that the booth is completely sanitised after each session. A seal is applied as a guarantee of correct sanitisation of the booth for the guest. We are a safe haven in the green hills of Palazzo di Varignana.


Our restaurants have large outdoor areas and we guarantee that the tables are set apart according to the standards in force, both inside and out; while the need to book a table and time slot makes it possible to keep the numbers under control.

The menus of our restaurants are accessible from any electronic device to limit any form of contact and allow quick and safe orders. From the breakfast buffet, to those set up for events, we ensure the adoption of the recommended hygiene standards at all times, which provide for the distribution of food and drinks carried out only by the staff. All our collaborators, properly trained to protect themselves and others, scrupulously follow the protocols issued to guarantee food safety.



To make it easier for you to plan your holiday during this particular time, Palazzo di Varignana has made its cancellation policies more flexible.


For all bookings made on the site, it is possible to cancel your stay in 2020 up to 3 days before arrival (7 in case of purchase of packages with various services) without incurring any penalty. Also, if you have a booking with us but contract the Covid-19 disease, simply send us medical certification of the diagnosis to avoid incurring charges, and we will send you a voucher for a future stay at Palazzo di Varignana.

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