Olive Project

The Palazzo di Varignana farm will inaugurate its olive mill in November 2023: 300 square meters of production site surrounded by the more than 160,000 olive trees on the property.

The oil mill is the place where olives destined for the production of extra virgin olive oil are brought and in which all processing takes place. The proximity of the oil mill to the olive groves allows us immediate milling of the harvest and the possibility of having an integrated supply chain in one place, managed and organized by our staff who lovingly devote themselves every day to the care of the Varignana area.

The milling is a fundamental phase of production, which is carried out by us in a continuous two-phase cycle, with a modern plant equipped with systems with reduced oxidative impact at low processing temperature in order to be able to process each variety of olive at the specific temperature enhancing its fruitiness or to control and modify the amount of polyphenols and therefore the intensity of bitterness and/or spiciness.

Starting in 2015, an ambitious agronomic project began to redevelop the landscape by bringing large portions of uncultivated land and ancient native cultivars back into activity. Today we boast the largest olive grove in all of Emilia-Romagna, spanning more than 242 hectares of farms.

Our love and respect for the land have led us to choose the most representative cultivars of Emilia-Romagna, such as Ghiacciola and Nostrana. These, together with the Frantoio and Leccino varieties, make up about half of the oil crops. The other half of the olive groves contain cultivars from central Italy, such as Maurino and Leccio del Corno.

This gives rise to a collection of extra virgin oils that is renewed every year: three monocultivars - Claterna, Vargnano and Stiffonte - and two blends - Blu and Verde. Our Oils stand out for their great complexity, aromatic and taste balance, products of excellence from an integrated km0 supply chain that tell a love story with nature.


Palazzo di Varignana

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