Four hands dinner: the fire at the table

22 May, 8.30 p.m.

Francesco Manograsso invites Errico Recanati - Andreina Restaurant

Primordial cooking, past-present-future-truth, represents the spark, culinary art, philosophy and knowledge of Errico Recanati and, even more, his language for exploring and reinterpreting cooking in its primordial essence, yet cutting-edge thanks to Errico's own unique approach.

“The Spit and the Brace are the strong tradition of my restaurant and from which I start by combining new techniques and ways developed by me, to get to discover other flavors and thus generate new memories. Because if we have not generated memories, we will not have generated life.”

Chef Errico Recanati's attention to the quality of raw materials, selection of producers, in-depth knowledge of the territory and new techniques side by side with grilling and spit cooking, lead the original trattoria dei cacciatori to receive prestigious awards including its first Michelin star in the 2013 guide.