Biennial of the Painted Wall

From 11 to 17 September, the Biennale del Muro Dipinto (Biennial Exhibition of Painted Walls) will be held in Dozza, a town in Emilia Romagna that has long since been included in the list of Italy's most beautiful villages thanks to its characteristic streets coloured by murals and paintings.

The art festival is an opportunity to experience art in close contact and to see the artists at work, who will have the task of creating new works of art on the walls of the buildings in the town of Dozza and Toscanella di Dozza.

In the year of its XXIX edition, the Biennial has been entitled "Art in Progress" and six artists selected by the Commission will participate. They will leave the community with a new artistic heritage, as well as restorers who will have to give new life to existing paintings that have been consumed by external factors.

The event, which originated in the 1960s, is enriched by a programme with various events such as exhibitions, concerts and installations that the public can attend from morning until evening to witness this virtuous example of public art.

The XXIX Biennial Exhibition of the Painted Wall in Dozza has given the community a true open-air museum in the Imola hills, easily accessible and only a few kilometres from the Resort.

Palazzo di Varignana

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