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In 2015, Palazzo di Varignana adjoins to its prestigious outlets three hectars of luxurious Garden already part of the important Italian network “Great Italian Gardens".


Immersed in the beautiful scenery of the Emilian countryside, Palazzo di Varignana’s inspiring Garden was designed by landscape architect Antonio Perazzi who created a magnificent Garden where the countryside, nature and formal features come together with irresistible spontaneity thanks to low walls, terraces, stairs, fountains and a beautiful infinity pool.  


Remarkable is certainly the collection of oak trees selected by Mr. Perazzi , for a total of 100 copies with 76 different species , one of the most important arboreal heritage in Italy . After passing a small forestal covered walk of ash trees and other native plants, one arrives at the Garden’s first part where geometric theme rooms open into each other and are harmoniously divided by hedges of ginko biloba, hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) and rows of trees maple (Acer campestre) which accommodate the bushes of roses, grasses, ornamental cherry and dogwood (Cornus mas) offering a view that stretches over the picturesque landscape. Beyond the apple blossom gallery and the roses, a green labyrinth appears (Labirinto Carlico)

It’s original plan was designed in 2015 from landscape designer Sandro Ricci who created the harmonious union of the Garden with the existing twenty-hectare park. The originality of the design of the labyrinth derives from the overlap of Ilatro hedges (Phyllirea angustifolia) and an existing orchard.  


In the heart of the park, the real ornamental Garden winds its way around the former country villa, embracing it on every side. The five bedroom villa is surrounded by numerous herbaceous species, Mediterranean trees and shrubs, abundant blooms of broom and fragrant osmanthus bushes.


The private park of Palazzo of Varignana and its Garden enriched with five olive trees Olea europea, secular examples from Southern Italy.



€ 30.00 per person, including guided tour of the garden and a selection of teas and herbal teas at Palazzo Varignana (coffee, tea, tea, fruit juices, homemade pastries)

€ 15.00 per person including guided visit to the garden - Only valid for groups of minimum 10 persons

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