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“I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve found myself answering the same question: what on earth motivated you, after a busy life traveling around the world, working in the digital sector and in the intangible Fintech industry, to invest in such a complex and tangible project as a historic resort and in Varignana?  
The answer goes back a long way and has taken shape over the years, from spending time with so many people from different cultures, having branches and offices across four continents, and spending time in many hotels around the world.  
I think business trips and tourism are the main activities that unite people, sharing their experiences, culture, lifestyle, food and traditions... and hotels are one of the most important places to meet.  
What’s more, particularly in America, there’s a tradition: if someone has been lucky in life, at a certain point that person will want to take the success from a life of work back to the place where his or her roots lie, to leave a legacy for the future. 
I naturally wanted to do this in Bologna, taking the values, work, beauty, works of art, and artifacts I’ve collected on my travels to the Varignana hills, which I’ve become increasingly attached to over the years.  
In 2005, I decided to restore Palazzo Bargellini Bentivoglio, a kind of chateau, precisely to pay tribute to a beautiful area, with wonderful hills, rich in memories preserved over millennia, starting from the Roman Empire with Via Emilia and the hills where olive trees and vines were cultivated at that time.  
And so this is also where we find the idea behind Palazzo di Varignana, a project of renovation and regeneration: of historical buildings, of abandoned land and farmhouses and their crops, such as olive tree and vines, which thanks to the significant reclamation of the agricultural land, have returned to mark out the profiles of the hills surrounding the Resort, where today our high quality, locally sourced produce comes from, and which we are proud to export all over the world.  
Our daily commitment at Palazzo di Varignana 1705 is therefore to welcome our guests, giving them the chance to fully experience the history of this area, in the comfort offered by the Resort’s services, surrounded by the beauty of the large park and ornamental gardens, with spa experiences, fitness programs, and fine cuisine: basically everything we call “Heritage of Italian lifestyle”. 
Varignana, 25 May 2020 
Carlo Gherardi