Dedicated toEmilia Romagna

A small gesture can make a difference.

We love our region. We feel deeply rooted in everything that makes it unique, and grateful for the beautiful land we have inherited.
Preserving it has always been part of the values of Palazzo di Varignana, which is why we felt called to make our contribution to its reconstruction.

We organised two events, the entire proceeds of which were donated to realities greatly affected by the flood.

Participation was very high, and for this we cannot do other than thank all of you who took part in such large numbers.

During the evening of 29 May, € 3,450 was collected; the entire sum will be donated to the Umberto I Hospital in Lugo by the Agrivar agricultural estate. 

During the dinner on 6 June € 9,450 was collected, the entire sum will be donated to Artistation School of Arts from Palazzo di Varignana.

We will not stop here and will continue to think of and propose other initiatives.

To our wonderful guests, again a huge THANK YOU!