Physiotherapy and Osteopathy

We at Palazzo di Varignana offer complete patient care programmes that include physiotherapy and osteopathy sessions based on manipulation techniques for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation in the areas of mobility.

Technical lymphatic drainage massage 50 minutes | 80 minutes

100 € | 140 €

This procedure reduces muscle tension, promotes blood circulation and drainage, relieves stress and results in rest and relaxation.

Total body sports physiotherapy massage | 50 minutes

100 €

The manipulation of specific areas in accordance with the area subject to contracture. The objectives are to relieve muscle tension, alleviate induced pain and hasten recovery. Muscle contractures can also impact people who do not play any sport but are nonetheless subject to repeated movements or incorrect posture.

Anti-fatigue sports massage of the legs | 25 minutes

60 €

Ideal for athletes and non-athletes wishing to eliminate lactic acid and toxins after an intense workout. Helps to hasten recovery to get back on the field quickly whilst improving venous circulation.

Visceral manipulation therapy session, focusing on the digestive system | 50 minutes

110 €

Manipulation therapy serves to mobilise the internal organs, with particular attention paid to the digestive system. Improving mobility benefits the digestion, awakening a lazy intestine when required.

A mixed session of manipulation therapy and spine decontracting massage | 50 minutes

110 €

Manipulation therapy and massage to alleviate musculoskeletal pain.


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