The science of well-being

Care, respect, dedication, study, research.

Our highest vocation, authentic hospitality, has always been at the heart of every decision we have made. We have worked to ensure that every service we offer is a guarantee of quality and well-being, thus building over time a place where holidays become an opportunity for self-discovery.

Seeing the results of this exciting work has encouraged us to go even further, appointing a scientific director, Dr Annamaria Acquaviva, who every day, together with the entire team at Palazzo di Varignana, studies to find and teach new approaches to wellbeing in order to promote results.

The research of raw materials together with our Chefs, the enhancement of the products of our food and cosmetic line, the testing of the most innovative and effective treatments that make up the Health & Wellness Retreats, new studies on the benefits deriving from the nature and art in which Palazzo di Varignana is immersed. Everything for us becomes a promise of attention, well-being and harmony

Palazzo di Varignana

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