Harvest time at Palazzo di Varignana

As nature changes and dresses in the warm and intense colors of autumn, harvest time begins in the fields.

A ritual with ancestral charm, the grape harvest is one of the oldest and most awaited appointments with nature: an immersion among rich colors and intense scents, the moment when the work of an entire year comes to completion and the precious fruit of the vines is obtained, which the ancients called nectar of the gods.

The enological project of Palazzo di Varignana was born in 2017 with the creation of the Agrivar agricultural estate and the planting of the first vines, until today it has reached an extension of more than 50 hectares enclosed in a natural amphitheater squeezed between gullies and lush hills, overlooked by the Winery, a place for events and tastings of our wines and extra virgin olive oil.

The particular year we have experienced, marked by contrasting climatic phenomena such as massive rains in May followed by long periods of intense heat and drought, has led to the early ripening of some white grape varieties, such as chardonnay and pignoletto, so our vintners set to work as early as the first half of August, and the goal is to finish by mid-September with the harvest of the Sangiovese grapes.

"My love for nature has long become an opportunity for me to leave a legacy to the future," says Carlo Gherardi, founder of Palazzo di Varignana. "My passion for agriculture and agronomy has driven me in recent years to seek a new balance between landscape and beauty, planting ancient varieties of olive trees, collections of rare trees, almond groves and forgotten fruits, as well as special crops such as saffron and goji berries. The winemaking project is an integral part of this marriage of nature, culture, beauty and flavor and once again pushes us to combine technique with sensitivity to create a line of white and red wines, which we will have the patience to accompany as they mature."

Confirmed, as for last year, the production of four varieties of wines, two whites and two reds, representing the aromas, flavors and nuances of the very special terroir of the Varignana hills.

  • Pinot Noir IGT Rubicone, a perfect balance of pleasantness, tannicity and freshness, with a lingering finish and balsamic aftertaste.
  • Chardonnay IGT Rubicone a bewitching wine that opens with intense hints of yellow flowers and cedar, while in the glass it releases an intense perfume of tropical fruits.
  • Villa Amagioia Spumante Metodo Classico Brut with delicate aromas of citrus fruits and characterized by notes of sweet spices in the mouth is balanced, fresh and savory.
  • Sangiovese Superiore Romagna DOC, with a deep ruby red color, the nose expresses hints of cherry and small red and black fruits sublimated by notes of licorice.

The Sangiovese grapes we harvest in our vineyards are also the basic ingredient of the men's cosmetic line signed Varsana SPA. Thanks to the large amount of polyphenols, including resveratol in particular, this grape has recognized antioxidant and energizing properties that can promote microcirculation and fight skin aging. Thus were born the energizing face and body mist and the men's face gel, two specific products also used in the cabin for treatments designed specifically for men's skin.

Palazzo di Varignana

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