Winery in feast

Save the Date - July 10 & July 24

Cantina in Festa: to savor the taste of nature, while listening to good music

In wine the truth, in truth the beauty.

"Cantina in Festa" is our way of celebrating the pleasures of the table: immersed in the natural landscape to discover new wines and experience conviviality, music and joy.

Two evenings poised between scents and flavors, focusing on the discovery of two new labels: on July 10th, Cantina in festa for Blanc de Noirs; on July 24th, Cantina in festa for Blanc de Blancs.

Overlooking the vineyards while the sunset gives its unique glows and suggestions, you will discover the sense of beauty and good taste. Two evenings for a sensory journey, in which wine and music combine to give you a night of pure pleasure while rediscovering nature.

We will experience a magic evening under the starry sky, discovering the flavors of the territory, by the glass and at our table, moving from fruity notes to musical notes.

Jazz, New Jazz and Lounge vinyl music by DJ Arabykola

10th July menu - Blanc de Noirs evening

Gramigna with sausage

Crescenta (crackling bread) stuffed with vegetables

Jam tart of our own making
1 glass of Metodo Classico Blanc de Noirs
1 glass of Pinot Nero

24th July menu - Blanc de Blancs evening

Pasta with basil, pesto sauce, and cherry tomatoes

Meatballs or eggplant balls

Italian apple pie
1 glass of Metodo Classico Blanc de Blancs
1 glass of Chardonnay
  • Adult: €25
  • Under 18: €15


All the events will start at 19:30

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Via Ca' Masino, 1091 40024 Castel San Pietro Terme

€15 | € 25


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