Indoor Wellness

Reawaken your muscles:
Morning exercise to reawaken every cell in your body and mind and get the day off to an invigorating start.

Specific stretching programmes to improve balance, flexibility and aid mental and physical relaxation.

Meditation classes:
Mediation is a non-mind state. Meditation means moving away from the thoughts that crowd our mind which keeps going back over them, always anxious and worried and always living in the future. When the bustle in our mind settles, we stop thinking, when there are no thoughts, there is silence. This silence is mediation.

Cardio Fitness:
A panoramic gym with latest-generation Technogym equipment available for guests at Palazzo di Varignana. Open 24 hours, the gym is ideal for exercising while admiring the marvellous natural surroundings of the grounds of VarSana and training your body, mind and heart.

The sauna ritual with “steam” experts. Three times a week, guests can indulge in 12 minutes of heat to the rhythm of music, breathing in fragranced clouds of steam. Ask for the programme at the SPA reception.

Mini massage courses:
simple, mini massage lessons held in the afternoon at the SPA. To learn simple yet effective techniques for moments of pure relaxation.