Prevention and Nutrition

Scientifically proven treatments slow cellular aging and stimulate metabolism. Highly-personalised pathways based on the characteristics of the patient result in the achievement of effective and lasting results.

Longevity Check-up

120 €

Analyses are conducted with an innovative BIA-ACC medical device to assess body composition and psychophysical performance.

Blood Test

from 150 €

Undergo a series of blood tests, in line with the individual’s specific needs, in collaboration with outside clinics

Epigenetic tests based on precision medicine

120 €

An extremely avant-garde methodology for fully customising prevention, diagnosis and treatment, in collaboration with outside clinics

General Medical Examination

120 €

A thorough medical record detailing the patient’s current health status and medical history.


from €80 to €200


consultation and first session 120 €

Purposes: analgesic (arthrosis, arthritis, headaches, nerves, muscle strains) and the regulation of anxiety, stress, insomnia, dystonia and spastic colitis.

Nutritional Pathways

from €60 to €160

An individual and personalised pathway for learning about proper nutrition as an integral part of a proper and healthy lifestyle.

The focus areas include: weight gain or loss – celiac disease, food allergies and intolerances – irritable bowel syndrome and the FODMAP protocol – pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause – paediatric age – anti-ageing, drainage and detoxifying programmes – vegetarian diets – any disorder regarding diet.

Polysomnography Specialist Examination

230 €

A polysomnography is a sleep study for the diagnosis of sleep-related respiratory diseases. This non-invasive test is conducted to monitor a number of physiological parameters, including blood oxygen levels, heart rate and respiration throughout the night’s rest.

Autohemotherapy | with Vitamin C

150 €

A blood sample is taken then combined with a gaseous mixture of oxygen and ozone before being reinjected into the patient’s body for an antioxidant effect, supporting the immune system and treating numerous pathologies. The addition of Vitamin C fulfils the antioxidant power.

Simple Autohemotherapy

80 €

A small sample of blood is extracted then ozonated and intramuscularly reinjected.

Detox Therapy, Regenerative, Immuno Defence

150 €

A regenerative medical treatment that consists in the intravenous infusion of a mix of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants for rapid absorption. This treatment is ideal for fighting free radicals, fatigue, chronic stress, headaches, anxiety, dehydration and alcohol abuse.

Mindful eating

105 €

A 3-course lunch with Dr Acquaviva to gain an awareness of nourishing your body and learning not to succumb to emotional consumption, known as comfort eating.

Nature Therapy with Doctor Acquaviva

85 €

Exposure to natural stimuli through the five senses has a direct effect on the parasympathetic nervous system, inducing rest and supporting immune function. Guests will be guided through the areas of the Villa Amagioia park, home to one of the 100 most beautiful gardens.

Hypno-productive training with binaural stimulation

100 €

A psychophysical relaxation technique guided by Dr Acquaviva so as to induce sleep. It exploits the behavioural therapy behind autogenic training, which positively impacts the physiological and mental mechanisms involved in insomnia. Added to this is the activity of theta binaural waves, an auditory phenomenon stimulated by listening to specific and different tones in each ear, through earphones able to recreate the frequency detected during deep sleep.

Buying a treatments you will get 3-hours admission to the Varsana SPA, Monday through Friday.

Medical treatments will be provided with direct doctor-patient relationship. Health status information will therefore be handled exclusively by the individual practitioner.


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