EVO Oil Tasting, Lunch and Walk

A sensory journey to discover the wonders of Palazzo di Varignana, beginning with a walk past native and international vines to the wonderful natural amphitheater on the lake. An authentic experience in contact with nature and its production cycles.

This journey will then continue with a tasting in an evocative location to discover the extra virgin olive oil of Palazzo di Varignana, guided by expert and passionate sommeliers.

At the end of the tasting, guests will have lunch at the Aurevo Restaurant, a tribute to the "green gold" of our land.

Included in the experience

  • Walk alone through the vineyard and natural amphitheater
  • EVO oil tasting 
  • Lunch at the Aurevo Restaurant 

€ 64 Adults, € 32 Children

Vivendo Varignana


Palazzo di Varignana

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